change your self-talk

We want you to matter in your own life. Period.

If you can create a purpose-filled, rich, and satisfying life then everyone and everything you touch will be better for it.

Your energy, mood, creativity, and openness are enhanced when you see yourself as valuable and worthwhile. That same energy, mood, creativity, and openness matter to the people you live with, work with, or even bump into on the street.

These are challenging times in our world and our country. You need as much of yourself as you can get to lead your life with dignity, integrity, and pride.

You have a lot to offer and we want you to shine.

We’ve got a great nugget for you this week that while small, will help you move toward the things that matter to you: self talk. 

How you talk to yourself directly impacts your ability to shine.

This week we’re focusing on the realization that we all have a long list of things we must get done. And while they fall into the MUST category of things to do, you have more choice over what you get done, when you get it done, and how you get it done than you can imagine.

The next time you think to yourself I must or I have to, try instead to shift your self talk to words that remind you that you’re making a choice:

I have to get this project done tonight.
Try: I choose to get this done tonight and free up my time for later.

I have to become a better Mom.
Try: It matters to me to become a better Mom.

I have to get in shape and lose weight.
Try: I’ll feel better and prouder when I get in better shape.


You get the idea.

There are truly things we don’t have much choice in doing, but within those things we have a choice about how we talk about them and how we tackle them. Awareness of your ability to choose matters to your sense of personal authority and power.

Choose to live from the center of your life
and talk about it in ways that respect yourself.

We’re here with you,
Your Coaches and Allies at Carpenter Smith Consulting

If you’re interested in an exercise that will help you choose the priorities at the center of your life, drop Heather, our queen of productivity, a note and she’ll send it your way.