Your Leadership Matters: Make Sure Your Vote Counts.

One of the things we believe fiercely is that we are all leaders. Leaders in our family, our community, our health and, of course, in our work. And, as you may know, at Carpenter Smith Consulting, our definition of leadership is all about reciprocal influence.

Leadership is a willingness to influence your world
and to be influenced by your world, regardless of role or title.

One of the ways you can bring your leadership to the world is to remember that your voice is important and in the US, we have a voice through our vote.

This year, as we’re thinking about the meaning of July 4th and the celebration of our independence, we thought we’d give you some resources to help you make sure that your voice and vote count.

Take a look at one or all of the sites above, and consider how you can contribute to the democracy of this country by making sure that your vote counts.