We’ve recently been talking about the seriousness of individual and team burnout. In one of the final posts in the series, we discussed the importance of connecting with your team in new ways so that you can create a culture where people feel supported by one another and where taking care of themselves and others is the norm.

We heard from some of you that while you can see the benefit of connecting with your employees in new ways, you can’t imagine adding one more meeting to your already packed schedule.

We heard things like, “My days are already spent entirely in meetings!”, and, “Seriously?? How am I supposed to find time for more meetings?”

Sound familiar? While meetings are supposed to be a means to success—both organizationally and interpersonally—we find many people describe them as a time-suck that actually prevent them from being successful.

To support you with your meeting madness, we’re going to give you some tips in the upcoming weeks on:

  • Auditing your meetings
  • Creating a winning agenda
  • Assigning key roles
  • Setting up key rules
  • Facilitating success (even when they derail!)

This week, we’d encourage you to notice the meetings you attend and how you feel at the end of them. Do you leave with the experience that you’re more prepared to tackle your work and your week, or do you feel more stressed and overwhelmed? This week, just notice.

Next week, we’ll dive into auditing your meetings so that you can determine which ones you’d like to start, stop, modify, or continue.

Let us know what you notice.

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