We’ve had several conversations recently with both clients and friends who were feeling stuck because a situation that was supposed to go one way, had taken a turn and was going another way. They had run into an obstacle.

To support them on their journey, we shared with them the three steps of leadership (from our Leader in You framework), specifically ACT with POWER.  

As you may recall, the first step is to PAUSE and ask yourself if what you’re about to say or do is in alignment with your goal, the second step is to REFLECT on the core questions about you and about the people you’re trying to lead, and the third step, as we mentioned, is ACT with POWER.

There are 5 critical actions that powerful leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives, and over the next 5 weeks we’re going to dig into each one of those 5 steps.

Today, we’re looking at the P of the acronym POWER which stands for Possibility Mindset.

A leader sees the possibilities 
inherent in obstacles and challenges.

The key word here is inherent. Meaning it’s already there, you just have to seek it out.

Leadership is critically important when you’re facing obstacles and challenges in your work, in your relationships, or in larger systems. 

Obstacles and challenges can take the form of a huge financial crisis, or two co-workers who don’t get along and are impacting the morale of the team, or even a conflict between you and your child.

No matter what the issue, true leadership requires pausing and consistently looking at the difficulties for opportunities. And there are always opportunities inherent in obstacles and challenges – always – but most people get fixated on the obstacle instead of stepping back and trusting that the challenge itself is filled with opportunity.

True leadership requires a PAUSE
and a focus on possibilities.


Once you start making the shift to look for the possibilities inherent in the situation, you’ll be amazed at what you see! Bumping into an obstacle can actually be a tremendous gift if you PAUSE and look within the obstacle for the potential possibilities that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

When you switch to a possibility mindset, you open your mind to thinking outside of your box – a box in which you’ve been comfortable and are used to residing.

It takes practice to shift your mindset to looking within the obstacles and challenges for the possibilities, but as a leader in your family, work, and community, you’ll have more power as you come to trust that they are there.

Over and over and over again, remember to ask yourself:

“What are the possibilities inherent
in the obstacles and challenges I’m facing?”


Take some time this week to see if you can come up with 5 unique answers to this question.

Join us next week, when we’ll talk about the next step in the ACT with POWER framework which is O = Ownership & Transparency.
Stay tuned!  
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