purpose moves you forward


There’s a lot written on following your passion in work and life. Yet, unfocused passion won’t get you where you want to go.  

Think for a moment about the things you’re passionate about. Recently, when we asked several clients about their passion, they listed a wide range of things, including great food, dance, the qualities of good coffee, cheese, wine, etc. 

When we work with clients to define their purpose, it’s often a compelling and active list. Purpose included being a good parent or spouse, making a difference in the lives of the immigrant community, creating a successful business, a product, a worthy collaboration, and making money to take a year off to travel the world, etc.  

Passion is the love or enjoyment of something, whereas purpose is what makes each of us do the things we do in the way we do them.

Knowing your purpose helps you decide, out of all the things you could do, what you will do.

Your purpose is the fuel that keeps you coming back, time and time again, to make the difference in the world that matters to you. Purpose moves you forward. 

If you don’t know your purpose, you’ll likely be stalled and find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Purpose helps you rule in and rule out what you deem worthy to spend your time on.

Purpose also focuses your efforts so that you’re more likely to seek the skills and abilities you need that will help you succeed. Remember, it takes repetition and practice to develop the skills that let you succeed, and purpose inspires you to keep practicing.

Finally, purpose helps you stick with the tasks that need to happen for you to live in alignment with your purpose, even when they aren’t fun.  

This week, spend some time considering how you would define your purpose at this time in your life, and then review your days and see if you’re aligning to that purpose.

Here's to your passionate and purposeful life,
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