people matterYou may look at the title of today’s post and think to yourself, “Of course people matter! Why would they write about that?” And, while we know that you know that people matter, it’s not often we see evidence of it in a compelling way. So when we saw this snippet of video from the Olympics, we thought to ourselves: This is what it means to say people matter.

As you will see when you watch the video, a pack of women runners were at full speed, having trained for years to win a spot in the 5000 Meter Olympic Finals—when Nikki Hamblin fell and subsequently, Abbey D’Agostino fell over her.  

It’s painful to watch these two women, who have worked so hard for this moment, on the ground, the pack of runners leaving them behind. Abbey got up to get back into the race but first she paused, turned around, and helped the injured Nikki get up and off the track.  

Abbey started running only to fall back down due to the fact that she too had sustained an injury. This time, Nikki helped her back up and both women continued on to finish the race.
What an example of people mattering! Imagine the feeling if you were in their shoes. There are so many other things that might have distracted either one of them from reaching out to the other injured racer. But each of them put those thoughts aside and came to the aid of the person next to them—AT THE OLYMPICS!

>> Click here to watch the video.
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This week, think about how you demonstrate what and who matters in your life and if you’re responding in ways that give you the greatest sense of meaning and pride. 

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Photo is copyright NBC Sports.