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Last summer there was an article by Kathryn Schulz in the New Yorker called “The Really Big One” about the scientifically based prediction of a devastating earthquake that is overdue in the northwest. Living in Portland, OR, we took notice. At this point, over one year later, there is considerable effort going into preparing for this potential disaster. 

Most people understand the need to prepare for disaster even if they don’t do it. What most of us forget is that if we are to succeed, we need to make preparations for that as well.   

We realize that this may strike you as ridiculous, and you may be asking, “What is there to prepare for? Success is just success and when it happens it’s great!”

It’s true that many successes are received with ease and joy and for those, it’s easy to be grateful. But there are other successes that hit us where we’re not comfortable. Let us explain.

Most of us have gotten comfortable with a certain level of success and a certain amount of failure. When we stray too far from our comfort level, most people will actually subconsciously sabotage their chance of success to get things back into balance.  

Oddly enough, people have a hard time giving up the struggle that comes with “being a struggling ______.” Most of us know how to struggle to achieve our goals but few of us really know how to take the win. 

There are a host of reasons why this is true (looking at your childhood will usually shed some light) and yet there’s no reason it has to be true going forward. Many people find certain kinds of success pretty scary even when it’s not logical, because they have no idea how to live that success.

So, this week we offer you a 3-step success kit.

Prepare for Success

  1. Consider what the success of your dreams looks like, feels like, and lives like.
    • Spend time envisioning it in great detail, as if it’s already a reality.
    • When preparing for disaster, we spend a lot of time trying to deeply understand how it will look, feel, and live. Do the same with your success.
  2. Now think about what you need to do in your life to be ready to live that image.
    • If you’re in business for yourself, do you need to have a product or service that will increase your income?
    • If you long for a relationship, do you need to get comfortable with the idea of sharing your world, space, and friends?
    • If you want a significant promotion, do you need to develop some skills to succeed in the new role or some relationships that can provide support?
    • Think of all that goes into a family or community disaster plan: from practicing drills, to gaining new skills, to stocking up on supplies. Do the same to prepare for success.
  3. Start to live as if your success is likely!
    • Develop the skills to effectively manage your increase in financial wealth and apply them to your world now.
    • Connect with people and welcome them into your space; get comfortable with great connections and shared experiences.
    • Talk to people about your business with pride and confidence so you know in your cells how success will feel.
    • When preparing for a disaster, individuals and communities become emergency responders—they live it so it’s a natural response, long before a disaster strikes. Train yourself to be a “success responder!”

This week, spend some time thinking about ways that you can prepare for success and take steps to move forward. It’s time.

Hugs to you,
Your Coaches and Allies at Carpenter Smith Consulting

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