Last week, we talked about the importance of creating a culture where people feel they belong so that you can Retain your employees. This was a response to an earlier post we did that discussed, what many are calling, The Great Resignation

Today, we’d like to talk about how value and care can play a role in successful recruiting. 

As you may remember, these are two areas that have been shown to increase the likelihood of creating an organization where people are engaged, motivated to work hard, and go all in to create success. 

Your best hires for long-term success are people

  • you value how their unique skills and abilities will contribute to their role and possible future roles
  • you care about them as a person and believe you would grow in that caring if they joined the team

As you’re interview potential candidates, use the framework below to help you think about value and care.
Low Value / Low Care: Someone to avoid
If, during the interview process, you find that you aren’t certain they have (and enjoy using) the skills they need for the role, and you find that you or others on the hiring team haven’t started to like or care for them, avoid hiring them. 
High Value / Low Care: Consultant
If you find that you’re interviewing someone who has incredible skills that you recognize will take your organization to the next level, but you and the team are not feeling any sense that you care for them, consider hiring them as a consultant.
Low Value / High Care: Friend
This is a particularly challenging candidate – you really, really enjoy them and quickly feel a sense of caring for them, but they don’t really have the skills you need in your organization. This is someone who you or even the team may want to stay connected with personally but who doesn’t belong in your organization.
High Value / High Care:  Hire them
These are candidates you want to hire, and likely others will want to hire. You believe they have the skills for the role, and they are liked and already someone you or team members feel caring toward.
If you’d like to stand out in the recruiting process, try these tips:

  • Be very clear about what you value in their skillset and the ways in which you believe they’ll be important to organizational success.
  • Let them know that you care about them by getting to know more about their professional aspirations, their personal life (if appropriate), and offer ways that you can help them put down roots in your organization and create a successful and satisfying career as they go forward.

Stay mindful of the importance of the intersection of VALUE and CARE as you go into the hiring process. It will demand that you’re clear about the skills and abilities needed for the role. And it will help you define the personal qualities, values, and style of the people who succeed in the organization and become members who truly feel that they belong!

Try these out and let us know how it goes!

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