In our Monday Morning Business Coach this week, we looked at how important it is to Stand Together to create a culture where Black Lives Matter and where all bias and bigotry are challenged. We deeply believe in our definition of leadership and believe it’s centrally important to this work.

Leadership is your willingness to influence others
and (just as importantly)
your willingness to be influenced by others
so that you can invite the people in your life
to stand together with you, 
to create rather than destroy.

To support you in your leadership, we offer the following resources. As always, we know that some resources will speak to you and some won’t, so take a look and grab those things that speak to your passion, integrity, and heart.

  • 15+ Tools and Resources to Challenge Racism: CompassPoint is a new resource to us and is an organization that supports those who are committed to social justice.
  • Pride: An inspiring movie about the true story of how London-based gay and lesbian activists supported striking miners in Wales in the late ’80s. It reminds us that being an ally takes many forms.
  • Guide to Allyship: Described on the site as “An open-source guide to help you become a more thoughtful and effective ally.” 

We hope we’ve influenced you to learn and grow, and we’re open to being influenced by you as well. Please respond and let us know the resources that you’ve found helpful.
Standing together.