We’ve recently been talking about the importance of Mattering in your own life and in demonstrating to others that they matter to you. So far, we’ve covered:

Today, we’re providing you some tips and suggestions for how you can demonstrate to your employees, teams, and colleagues, that they matter to you.

Take a look at the Leadership Mattering Matrix below and consider the people in your work world and where they might land.

For anyone who lands in top right quadrant, that means you’re demonstrating both VALUE and CARE. Keep up the great work in nurturing this relationship!

For any that land in other quadrants, take a look at the handful of suggestions below (or click here for a more exhaustive list) and consider the one or two new behaviors you could implement to help you demonstrate to them that they matter to you, the team, and the company.

  • Provide thoughtful feedback in real time and annually.
  • Let people know how their skills help create success.
  • Offer recognition for contributions to the team or the organization (be sure to find out how they like to receive recognition).
  • Help create a career map with them, by asking questions about their goals, skills they love using, and motivators.
  • Create space to celebrate each other’s strengths and encourage people to lean on each other to learn and grow.
  • Be fully present in online and in-person meetings and conversations.
  • Apologize and admit when you’ve messed up.
  • Create regular “connection” meetings. Be sure to get input from the team on what type of connection meetings would feel supportive to them.
  • Host a Beating Burnout challenge. Be sure to get input from the team on what it could look like. Encourage team members to get involved in the planning and/or hosting of it.
  • Encourage, model, and connect regularly about healthy work/life balance.

NOTEWORTHY: We know you’re busy so if you want our top suggestion that can help you demonstrate both VALUE and CARE, here is it:

Check-in regularly
with individuals and teams and ask,
What would support from me look like?
What would support from the team look like?

As you’re getting curious and having these conversations with your employees and teams, let them know you’re in it together.

Stay tuned for our post next week when we’ll review some additional ways you can use the Mattering Matrix in your life.

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