Bringing 100 Percent

Good morning,

Living in Portland, Oregon, means that we’re within 30 miles of “the path of totality” – the path where one can see the total eclipse of the sun later this morning.
In our office, we’ve had lots of discussions about whether it’s really necessary to seek out a viewing spot that will be in the path of totality; we wonder, “how much better could 100% be than 99%?”
Well, after doing some reading, the difference between a 99% eclipse (visible from Portland city limits) and a 100% eclipse (visible 30 miles to our south) is dramatic and described by experts in the eclipse field as a “must see” opportunity.
This got us thinking about the notion of 100% and human behavior. And we found ourselves asking, what would it take to bring a full 100% to everything we did?
We boiled it down to these three things. There are probably more, but we were looking for the three nuggets that we believe have the biggest impact in reaching 100% effort.

  1. Only say yes to the things that are important, even if it’s not urgent. Don’t dilute your skills or your attention on things that aren’t important!
  1. Take a moment to pause before you start – everything. Pausing before you begin will let you set your intention and make sure that you’re present for the current situation. Remember: you only have control over the moments you’re living right now.
  1. Take responsibility for yourself. The only person who can make you better is you – never blame others when you don’t bring 100% of your best self. Own it so you can fix it.

It’s unreasonable to expect perfection, but it is inspiring and confidence building to bring your best self forward whenever possible. The goal is to stretch into your greater self, BUT not beat yourself up for not being perfect.
Bringing 99% of yourself is fabulous, bringing 100% is inspiring!
Here’s to your best you!


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