We’ve had a number of conversations lately about the longing for a summer vacation. Not a week or two, but the whole summer off from school with, as folks have described, “enough time to get bored.”

Many people do take a vacation in the summer, yet don’t find it to be quite what they are longing for. And many others haven’t had a vacation in years as they struggle with finances or work demands or family needs.

It’s challenging to not have time to slow down, breathe, and reconnect to yourself, your family, and your friends.

So how do you get a vacation that nourishes your soul?

    1. Start by spending some time thinking about what vacation means to you.
      For some people it’s a break from routine, for others a trip or adventure, for others the chance to be home with no commitments. What is a vacation for you?
    1. Consider what steps you can take to create that experience.
      If your idea of a vacation is an adventure trip, but you don’t have the financial means or the time, consider how you can approximate that with the resources you do have.

      One of our clients had been laid off and struggled to find a job, so was doing a lot of volunteer work that could lead him to his next job. He couldn’t do a vacation the way he longed for because he couldn’t afford either the time or the money.

      He decided that every Saturday was his to be a tourist in his own community and the surrounding areas. He had a wonderful experience and connected with some people he met on one of his adventure days and that connection also led to a job!

  1. Make a commitment to yourself to find space for you.
    Just because you can’t do exactly what you want to do, don’t give up on the idea of getting a vacation.

    There is considerable research that shows that getting a break in your routine, letting your physiology slow down, and connecting to yourself is good for you, your work, and your world.

Let us know how you are going to create a vacation for yourself this summer. This can help the Monday Morning Business Coach community think of ways to create a vacation for themselves! Email us here with your thoughts: leader@carpentersmith.com.

If we include your ideas in one of our posts, we will send you a copy of our book, Claim Your Power: 52 Weeks of Coaching to Claim Your Power, Increase Your Impact, and Expand Your Influence.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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