Two weeks ago we did a post titled, Life is Anything but Fair, about seeing the ways the unfairness of life has sometimes brought you gifts. It’s good to pause and remember the things that you have gotten that others have not.

Today, we want to talk about those times when you’re treated unfairly in ways that are harmful to you.

Workplace stress is a challenge for both men and women and, there is research that shows that workplace stress is higher for women than it is for men; and for women with children under 18, it’s even higher – almost staggeringly so.

As a woman-owned business, we often work with women who have been treated not just unfairly in the workplace but at times quite cruelly. These women come to us to find their voice, their clarity, and a way forward, despite the profound challenges they have lived through.

Sometimes, due to the caustic nature of the job, these women choose to leave their place of employment for new opportunities in roles where they’re seen and recognized for their contributions. Other times, it means finding a way to discuss the problems with their employer and working to solve the issues – first locally and then more globally within the company.

In both cases, it means finding support for grief and healing.

And sometimes, women are simply surviving – because life has been anything but fair over the years – and simply managing to hold on is the best that they can strive for on a given day. 

These are all brave and honorable steps.

This week, we’d ask you to reflect on your experience in your workplace as well as the experiences of those around you. If you or someone you work with – female or male – is experiencing things that are unfair and wrong, please get help for yourself and seek support for your colleague.

Life is better when we’re in it together.

We believe in you,
Linda, Stephanie, and Heather

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