Development or revision of a resume is an ongoing, challenging effort.  Remember that we adjust and revise descriptions of our professional experience in our resume to address a specific position.  We add elements as our skills or experience build and broaden.  We are constantly challenged on how to accurately present our value so that we truly can be understood as a “solution” to the work world.

Today, I want you to take a pause in this ongoing process and think about the compelling addition of a meaningful quotation.  You may be wondering, what is that, and why should I do that?.  A quotation is a descriptive statement about you or your actions that were outstanding, unique or made a significant contribution.  The quotation is from a person of authority or influence.  It can be written during a performance review, it can be written in a letter of reference or it can be written in an email or other correspondence.  The person making the statement must be acknowledged when listing the quotation. 

The importance of listing a quotation when appropriate is that if gives a view and description of your value through another person’s eyes.  This can be a powerful addition to your resume or cover letter, showing that your description of your value is seen and held by others of influence.  A quotation can be part of the “feedback” process.  A compelling quotation is one that provides specific examples of what you did and what it meant.  For example, “he did a good job” is not specific enough since we don’t know what he actually did that was good or why it was good. 

Think about when you have been given feedback, either written or verbal that could be effective in describing your value.  Consider adding it, which is another strategy helping to set you and your resume apart from others.