Have you ever had this experience?  You have a purpose and a plan.  You may have even mapped out the steps  your going to take in order to get results.  You’re actually pretty excited about it.  But then you don’t make a move.  Why is it so hard to get started?  You may even begin to wonder if there is something wrong with you that keeps you from moving forward.  Moving toward the better life that you have envisioned for yourself over and over again.

A career coaching client say something rather profound the other day  when we were discussing her inability to take action on her own behalf.  She said,  “Usually, it is just easier to procrastinate.”   When life is full of things that are difficult, perhaps it is a relief to have an easy out – a way to not show up just in case the outcome wasn’t as good as you had hoped. 

Procrastination will serve that purpose every time!  But I want to challenge you to do more than easing into procrastinating.  I want you to find the courage to step into your plan and live it fully.  If it flops or disappoints, then do something different, but DO SOMETHING!  Remember, a 1 degree change in your life now will produce a huge degree of change farther down the road.