Do you set unrealistic expectations for yourself when it comes to taking steps in your job search or reaching your career goals?  I have found that over and over again smart people “over think” what they need to do in the short term when looking for career answers.  I agree that it is always important to have an overall career goal and a general plan on how to achieve it.  Most often, achieving your goal requires a purposeful, step-by-step process.  You will find yourself more successful and more confident in your search if you pause and give yourself time to take and evaluate each step in your plan.  As an example, it may be that you make one or two contacts this week instead of trying to contact all the people on your list.  Take a few moments and think about how you are setting objectives for your own actions – perhaps you can ease up on yourself and allow the important time for reflection and evaluation as you move forward.  Ensure that your actions serve you in achieving your goals, not just creating an action checklist so that you can mark it off.