An often-overlooked approach to gaining insight and reaching your career goals is to understand what problems need to be solved.  When people are looking for a job, interviewing or even researching possibilities, we often find that folks concentrate on what they are going to say – sometimes to the point where they are unable to be present in the moment.

We invite you to try a different approach, practice a new strategy.  First of all, listen closely in the discussion whether it’s with an individual, a panel or even in a written communication, for what the problems are – those that are overt and those that are underlying.  Ask yourself, what challenge does this individual or organization face in the future?  What are they trying to “solve?”  Get a feel for their problems and then reflect on your talents and abilities and how you can be a “solution” to the problem.  Remember, every person you talk to has some issue or problem they are trying to solve.  Learn what those issues are and you have a direct means for demonstrating your value; sharing how you can make the difference; and showing how you can be a solution for the problems they face.