My message today is a simple one.  Test your assumptions before you take them in and operate as if they are fact.  Human beings always make assumptions.  That’s how we create order and logic in our world.  Sometimes, however, the assumptions are not accurate and can hold us back from taking positive action.  Below are a few of the assumptions that I hear most often from my clients who are looking for a job:

  • There are no jobs.  Everyone knows that and the economy is just getting worse.
  • I don’t have the skills or experience for that position.  They are asking for a super human worker.
  • That industry doesn’t pay anything.  Even though I’m interested, I know the salary is too low.
  • I don’t have the training or education for positions in that field. 
  • That job already has a “pre-selection.”  There is no need for me to apply.
  • Every position is filled from within and I don’t have a chance coming from the outside.
  • My education is in _______ so I am limited to what I can consider as a career field.

I actually can give examples to the above assumptions that proved them incorrect in certain cases.  So, today I am merely asking you to test your assumptions.  Follow up on them, research and get the facts so that you don’t limit your own possibilities.