Have you stopped and really thought about what an employer is looking for in an employee?   Most of us get very caught up in what we are looking for in a job and employer.  For instance, we know the type of work we want to do, the hours we want to work and the environment that we want to work in, but rarely do we consider what an employer needs. 

I would like to challenge you to pause, step back and put yourself in the employer’s shoes for a moment and consider that  an employer doesn’t just need a person for the job;  they need a person who can bring value in three ways. 

  1. First and most obvious is the need for the specific skills and experience that are documented in the job description or job announcement. 
  2. Second and extremely important, the employer needs a person who can recognize and handle a problem as it comes up in the work. 
  3. Third, and perhaps the most important attribute of all, is the ability to anticipate a potential problem and implement a solution before it happens.


As you stop and look back on these three attributes it becomes very clear, yet often overlooked, that employers need people who come with a set of necessary skills and with the ability to think and create solutions.  Are you prepared to show yourself as able to bring both of  these attributes to life?