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What is the Monday Morning Business Coach?

For over 12 years and running, every Monday morning we’ve sent out an email containing an executive coaching “nugget”—a simple, practical tip or strategy for you to easily take action on to start off your work week.

We use the situations of our clients (anonymously, of course) as well as what we’re pondering or reading about to write a short post. We keep it short because we know your life is busy and you need the “quick tips” to solve your problems, help you focus, and move you forward. We’re not claiming we can solve every issue, but we aim to give you the knowledge and wisdom to help you find your own power and create the future you want. You can view past posts below.

4 Steps to a Career You Love

In our experience, curiosity is one of the best ways to “tune into” yourself, your energy, your dreams, and your gifts. When you are curious about yourself and your world: You are able to get more real information and data that helps you make informed decisions about your future. You open to exploring areas that you haven’t thought of, but may find intriguing. You take in information with an open mind without making assumptions or pre-judgments on why something is…

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Do You Have an ARF?

We had one of the funniest conversations we have ever had this week. We were in a meeting with a talented and powerful leader, Sharon, talking about moving forward on some challenging initiatives. In that discussion, we talked about the fact that during challenging times it’s important to stay connected with your colleagues so that things are not misinterpreted, especially since things are moving fast. In the middle of the conversation Sharon said, “Oh yeah, I really have to do…

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People Are Different

We recently had an interaction with a client that was an important (and shocking) reminder of how different we are from one another. One of the things that we know is that humans have a tendency to believe that others are just like us; they want what we want, feel what we feel, and see what we see. This is often most obvious in a primary relationship. Most of us show people we love that we love them in the…

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There Are Always Possibilities

In the past few weeks, we have had several conversations with both clients and with friends who were feeling down because something that they had hoped would go one way had gone quite a different way, and now they were “stuck.” To support them on their journey, we shared with them one of the pillars of leadership (from our Leader in You framework): A leader sees the possibilities inherent in obstacles and challenges The key word here is inherent. It…

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Manage Vacation Stress

We are always reminding our clients that stepping into your power and claiming the leader in you requires taking good care of yourself—psychologically, emotionally, intellectually, relationally, and physically. As we enter into the prime vacation months, we encourage you to think about how you can make the most of your vacation. Over the years, many of our clients have described going on vacation only to feel they needed to come back and get a vacation from their vacation. They describe…

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Leading When You Want to Scream

We had a meeting this week with a wonderful woman, Janis, who is a leader in a number of spheres in her life—in her business, her family, her community, and her church. She is warm, kind, and powerful. She is often looked to for her wisdom and perspective and has a thoughtfulness that many admire. So, when she came into our meeting furious and saying she wanted to scream, she was apologetic. We assured her that she was in the…

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Inspire Others to Dream More

“If your actions inspire others to dream more,learn more, do more and become more,you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams   We recently had a conversation with some young adults who we know through our young adult children. They are amazing young people with great passion and integrity. In our conversation, several of them talked about their belief that leadership is a role and that the people who pursue that role are power-hungry and self-absorbed. Since we had just…

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Don’t Get Run Over…

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” — Will Rogers This quote by Will Rogers is both humorous and wise. It is important, in our lives and in our work, to have a vision for our futures. For many people, when they finally create a compelling vision for the future, they are excited about being on the right track. They have a sense of where they want to go and the…

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Do You Lose Yourself in Others’ Pain?

Over the past weeks, we have been talking about Daniel Goleman’s four components of Emotional Intelligence and how to translate each into action. Last week, we answered a question that a number of people from the Monday Morning Business Coach community asked, “What if I just miss the people stuff?” This week we want to speak to another issue addressed by our readers, a tendency to lose themselves in others’ pain. If the pain of others emotionally paralyzes you, you…

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