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For over 10 years and running, every Monday morning we’ve sent out an email containing an executive coaching “nugget”—a simple, practical tip or strategy for you to easily take action on to start off your work week. We use the situations of our clients (anonymously, of course) as well as what we’re pondering or reading about to write a short post—we keep it short because we know your life is busy and you need the “quick tips” to solve your problems, help you focus, and move you forward. We’re not claiming we can solve every issue, but we aim to give you the knowledge and wisdom to help you find your own power and create the future you want. You can view past posts below.

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Influence vs. Manipulation

In our coaching work with executives and managers, we often run into individuals who are uncomfortable with the idea of learning to be more influential because they equate influence with manipulation. Influencing others requires building a shared vision for the future (that future may be three years out, or it may be how to handle a personnel crisis today). When you build a shared vision, each person shares in the excitement about the future because they each stand to benefit…

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Our Choices

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -Professor Albus Dumbledore   (Okay we admit it, we are Harry Potter fans and for good reason, namely, there are quotes like this one.)   This quote highlights what we have found to be true in our combined 30+ years of working with people, that every choice you make defines or re-defines who you are more than anything else you do.    If you take…

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The Right Tools for the Right Results

We hear a great deal about the frustration our clients face as they deal with the demands in their lives.  In many cases, we can see (because we have some distance) that the frustration is more a result of not having the right tools to responds to life’s demands rather than the demand itself.  For almost every challenge we are confronted with, there are tools (some physical, many not) that would make the challenge easier and increase the likelihood of…

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In Every Person, A Universe

There is a wonderful quote from Elie Wiesel, “We must see in every person a universe with its own secrets, with its own treasures, with its own sources of anguish, and with some measure of triumph.”  As coaches and consultants, our world is working with people and their secrets, treasures, anguish, and triumphs. It is an honor and a privilege to do this work and to be able to open the hearts and minds of the people we work with…

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What Would You Do – If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

One of the things we tend to give up when we become adults is the joy of dreaming.  We get all serious and grown-up and forget that our dreams provide us wisdom, perspective and direction about how we can create rich and meaningful lives.  Lives that are good for us, our family, and for the world.   This week, we invite you to answer the question, “What would I do – if I knew I couldn’t fail?”   By asking…

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Powerful, Focused and Afraid, Oh My!

We have been working with an extraordinary executive who is powerful, thoughtful, effective, focused and afraid.    “What?” . . . you may ask, “how do those five words end up in the same sentence?”   Fear is a central part of the survival mechanism the brain has used to keep us safe since the dawn of time.  We feel fear quickly and intensely because from the perspective of evolution, it is what kept us alive.    Like the rest…

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The Final Three Feet

We recently read a story about a young woman who had the opportunity to train with Philippe Petit, the man who walked between the Twin Towers on a wire 1,300 feet above the ground.  As she was working with him, he noticed that she would get so excited about getting where she was going, she would falter where she was.    He told her she needed to understand the final three feet.  He said, “You’re not there yet.  You can…

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Organizations Need Time to Grieve and Heal, Too

Last week we talked about how important it is for individuals to grieve and heal their losses in order to move forward.  Just as with individuals, organizations, as a whole, get “attached” to a truth and when that truth fails to materialize or is no longer true, they, too, need to grieve the lost future in order to integrate the new one.    When we say “organizations,” we are describing the people who make up the organization and who by…

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Time to Grieve, Time to Heal

There comes a time in each of our lives when we are faced with painful, life-changing events over which we have no control.  Whether it’s a big event or a small event, it will require two things of us: time to grieve and time to heal.   The life-changing events we speak of here don’t have to be catastrophic in nature.  Life-changing events can include: being passed over for a promotion, not winning an RFP, working for someone who is…

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If You Want a Different Outcome…

One of the more challenging aspects of being a human is that we have the ability to cognitively understand the need to change and what needs to happen to bring about a change, but we struggle with practicing the behaviors that will actually sustain the change.  Often, we hope that change will occur without us actually changing.  Ah, humans.  We are a funny species.  We tell ourselves that because we understand that we need to change and because we understand…

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