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What is the Monday Morning Business Coach?

For over 12 years and running, every Monday morning we’ve sent out an email containing an executive coaching “nugget”—a simple, practical tip or strategy for you to easily take action on to start off your work week.

We use the situations of our clients (anonymously, of course) as well as what we’re pondering or reading about to write a short post. We keep it short because we know your life is busy and you need the “quick tips” to solve your problems, help you focus, and move you forward. We’re not claiming we can solve every issue, but we aim to give you the knowledge and wisdom to help you find your own power and create the future you want. You can view past posts below.

3 Things To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

If you are like the rest of us, you sometimes find yourself in situations where you don’t have a drop down menu. Your drop down menu consists of all the options your brain scans when you are confronted with an opportunity or a challenge. It works great unless your drop down menu doesn’t have an option that fits the situation, or if the drop down menu you have used previously is no longer helpful. While most of us feel quite…

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What to Do When You Blow It

Me? Blow it? The truth is, we all blow it.  As leaders, team members, staff, parents, adult kids, neighbors, you name it; it’s human nature to blow it from time to time.  And, here’s the paradox about blowing it, if you handle the moments after you realize what you’ve done well, you can actually build greater trust, loyalty, credibility and intimacy despite having blown it.  So, it’s important that you learn how to handle “blow it” moments thoughtfully and with…

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Building A Great Team

It seems an almost universal experience that at some point in our lives we will need to build a great team.  It’s not just those of us who need to run a corporation or a non-profit, it’s also those of us trying to gather together wonderful helpers for a elementary school classroom, or parents looking for amazing people to support their family.  When we want to build a team, we are all faced with the opportunity (and the challenge) of…

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Conquering Fear

Fear has a funny place in our culture – it is both sought after and it is abhorred.    As a species, we are comfortable with fear on our own terms – like when we watch horror films, ride rollercoasters, or engage in adrenaline-rushing sports.  In these instances, it’s quite clear what is causing the fear and, more importantly, what we need to do to manage the fear should we begin to feel overwhelmed by it.     We are…

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Be Careful about What Others Come to Trust in You

In our last two posts (“Be Thoughtful About Your Message” and “Be Thoughtful About Your Message, Part 2“) we recounted an experience we had with an online, professional group and its leadership. In short, there had been much discussion and an explicit commitment to creating transparency among the leaders and the group. When the originator of the group, Mark, publicly disagreed with the leader, Anton, on how things were going, Anton deleted Mark’s communication and didn’t mention it to the…

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Aligning Your Words and Your Actions, Part 2

Last week (Aligning Your Words and Your Actions) we described our participation in an online, professional group that was started to create a team of experts focused on providing high-quality, responsive programs that were of service to clients while building brand recognition and professional success for the providers.    The early stages of the project were done online, in view of the entire group. And then it happened.  A post arrived in our mailbox from the originator of the idea,…

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Aligning Your Words and Your Action

We recently participated in an online, professional group created to provide high-quality, responsive programs that are of service to clients while building brand recognition and professional success for the providers.    Early in the negotiations of this group, one of the members, Anton, stepped in to help the originator, Mark, lead and guide the project forward. The early stages of the project were conducted online, in view of the entire group.  In fact, it was easy to watch and to…

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The Power to “Give and Take”

In our combined 30+ years of coaching, one of the observations we have made is that some people tend to be concerned about giving enough to the organization for which they work, and some tend to be concerned about getting enough from the organization for which they work.  The phenomenon peaked our curiosity so we looked around to see if this approach continued over time or was specific to one situation or another.   Overall, we found that there is…

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Influence vs. Manipulation

In our coaching work with executives and managers, we often run into individuals who are uncomfortable with the idea of learning to be more influential because they equate influence with manipulation. Influencing others requires building a shared vision for the future (that future may be three years out, or it may be how to handle a personnel crisis today). When you build a shared vision, each person shares in the excitement about the future because they each stand to benefit…

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