Do You Know What You are Really Saying?

We have all been in situations where we are trying to communicate something clearly and effectively and we don’t get the response we expected. While there is a chance that the person you are dealing with is having a bad day, there is also a chance that your communication is not as clear and clean as you’d hoped. When you are in an interaction that is not going as you’d hoped, take a moment to: 1. Listen to the tone…

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Three Ingredients of a Great Conversation

A great conversation is a powerful way to build relationships at work, at home, and in your community. Great conversations happen when both parties have an equal opportunity to participate and to be heard. Remember, all humans desire to be seen and heard. It’s hardwired into our beings to engage with other beings and nothing satisfies that need nearly as well as conversation. We’ve been asked over the years by our executive coaching clients to describe for them the ingredients of…

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How Can I Offer My Wisdom without Seeming Arrogant?

In the past few years, we have been asked this question by CEO’s, VP’s, Board members, managers, various clients in a wide-range of roles and also clients wondering about how to give input to a partner, child or friend.  Offering one’s wisdom is a bit of an art.  Most of us have had the experience of someone offering us his or her wisdom and doing so as if it’s The Truth.  They are certain of what they know and confident…

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Aligning Your Words and Your Actions, Part 2

Last week (Aligning Your Words and Your Actions) we described our participation in an online, professional group that was started to create a team of experts focused on providing high-quality, responsive programs that were of service to clients while building brand recognition and professional success for the providers.    The early stages of the project were done online, in view of the entire group. And then it happened.  A post arrived in our mailbox from the originator of the idea,…

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Aligning Your Words and Your Action

We recently participated in an online, professional group created to provide high-quality, responsive programs that are of service to clients while building brand recognition and professional success for the providers.    Early in the negotiations of this group, one of the members, Anton, stepped in to help the originator, Mark, lead and guide the project forward. The early stages of the project were conducted online, in view of the entire group.  In fact, it was easy to watch and to…

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Silence is a Communication

One of the things we regularly remind our clients is that everything is a communication. And by that we mean, everything. What you wear, how you stand, how fast you talk, what your eyes do as you listen, how quickly you return a call or email, how you set up your office… you get the picture. And, that means that if everything is a communication, so is silence even though you may have believed it is a lack of communication.  As…

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If You Could See It, It Wouldn’t Be A Blind Spot

This summer an interesting commercial ran on television: There was a guy (named Mayhem) who was riding on the outside of the driver’s side of the car and became the driver’s blind spot. When the driver looked into the outside mirror to change lanes, Mayhem gave the A-Okay. So, the driver changed lanes (not seeing the car that was in her blind spot) and a huge crash ensued. During the collision, Mayhem was shouting with delight as the driver screamed…

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Effectively Communicating One-to One

One question we often receive about communication is, “How do I get people to communicate with me one-on-one?” Many people are confident in their ability to facilitate communication in meetings, but in one-on-one meetings they struggle to shift from a “talking to” conversation to a “talking with” conversation. Many leaders fall into this dilemma, believing it is their job to be the authority, know the “truth,” and have all the answers. Therefore, they often have little practice genuinely engaging with…

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Stop Talking! Now, Communicate.

As executive coaches and management consultants, we have worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations in our combined 35+ years of experience. As such, people often ask us what makes some organizations successful and others less so—despite similar conditions. We recently sat down to mull this one over—and came back to what we have seen over and over again. The secret to success comes down to one thing: a leader’s willingness to influence and to be influenced by every member…

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Leaders Who Won’t Listen

Last week’s post was a look at NW Nice, an ailment which is affecting business professionals in the NW corner of the country.  Well, we heard from many of you across the U.S. letting us know that this plague is common in all parts of the nation, but it is known by different names depending on geography.   We also heard from people who saw themselves in the post and asked us to comment on managers and leaders who shut…

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