Cleaning the Back of the Refrigerator

Linda was recently describing the experience of doing her PhD dissertation research. She said that although she was interested in the question she was studying, she felt fearful and incompetent about taking on such a large project knowing that it would require her to do a fair amount of work that simply didn’t interest her.      So, instead of tackling her dissertation she cleaned the back of the refrigerator—literally! As she scrubbed, she realized that in the face of…

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prepare for success

Prepare for Success

Last summer there was an article by Kathryn Schulz in the New Yorker called “The Really Big One” about the scientifically based prediction of a devastating earthquake that is overdue in the northwest. Living in Portland, OR, we took notice. At this point, over one year later, there is considerable effort going into preparing for this potential disaster.  Most people understand the need to prepare for disaster even if they don’t do it. What most of us forget is that…

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Bouncing Back

This is our final post in our series on Choosing Happiness. If you haven’t had an opportunity to read the last few posts, please do! They can, in fact, help you to choose happiness. We began with an overview of the research, taught you to Notice Your Life, explored two core practices, Gratitude and Forgiveness, spent some time helping you get to Know What You Want and last week we talked about the power of Kindness and Service. This week we want…

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Kindness and Service

This month we’re focusing on Choosing Happiness. We began with an overview of the research that shows what the happiest people do in their lives, then we worked through some key ways you can increase your happiness. We started by teaching you to Notice Your Life, then focused on two core practices, Gratitude and Forgiveness, and last week we offered you an exercise to help you Know What You Want. Interestingly, doing this series on Choosing Happiness has brought a lot of…

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knowing what you want

Knowing What You Want

Three weeks ago, we began our focus on Choosing Happiness. We began with an overview of what the research shows that the happiest people do in their lives. Then we started by teaching you a simple and powerful way to Notice Your Life. Last week we focused on two core practices to support you choosing happiness, Gratitude and Forgiveness. We have heard from a lot of you during this series and clearly gratitude and forgiveness struck a meaningful chord with…

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Never Give Up

“All you can do is give it your best shot.” We often hear people say this as a bit of a throwaway, not fully understanding what it can mean in your life.  We know that life is filled with challenges. You started the new year and whether you made a list of resolutions or not, you likely had some thoughts about how you would like 2016 to go. Since that day, less than a month ago, more has happened than…

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Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever!

Welcome to 2016, the year that you are going to claim your individual power! But how, you ask? Not by making resolutions. Instead, we want to you have 2-3 specific goals that you can achieve this year, goals that enable you to create your best life. Come on, let’s get started. Spend a few minutes thinking about the following areas of your life (if there are other areas you want to address be sure to include them in the “other”…

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3 Things To Do When Others Sabotage Your Growth

Last week we wrote Take Small Steps and talked about how small steps taken consistently over time can lead you to your goals faster than big steps taken from time to time. There are benefits to moving slow, as slow change is less likely to evoke resistance from inside of you and from those in your world. Slower, more consistent change over time can decrease others’ fear that you are changing, things are out of control, they are going to…

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Take Small Steps

If you’ve been reading the Monday Morning Business Coach for a while you probably know that we are big fans of small steps. When you take small steps, you’re less likely to evoke internal, psychological resistance to change and start to get traction. And when you take those small steps consistently over time you can end up in an entirely new place! “Small steps taken consistently over time will lead you to your goals faster than big steps taken from…

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