Help, I Can’t Keep Up: Self-Management

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing the challenges of staying focused on your purpose and vision, taking action on your priorities, and keeping what matters to you more central to your decisions.  Two weeks ago we gave you tips for getting control over the demands that email makes on your time and energy, and last week we discussed how often people say “yes” to a commitment before thinking through the implications of that yes.   Both of…

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Fuel Thyself

We know that you know this but … for you to be your best you need to be properly fueled.  Life is generally better if you have taken the time to fuel yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Many of us are more thoughtful about how we fuel our cars than we are about how we fuel ourselves.  Working with people who strive to be high performers, we see over and over again, how critical it is to pay attention to…

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