Depressed burned out woman.

Chronic Overwhelm will Burn You Out

This year we’re focusing on how to help our clients move from Overwhelmed to Outstanding. Today we want to talk with you about a very serious topic: how chronic overwhelm will cause you to burn out. What is Burnout? Burnout is a very real set of physical symptoms, cognitive challenges, and emotional reactions that can be quite debilitating—in some cases even lead to depression and suicide. And the tricky part about it is that it can come and go, making…

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you matter

Why You Matter…

Take a moment to think about your life and how you treat yourself as you go through your moments, days, weeks, and months. One of the things we want you to remember is that the way you live your moments is the way you live your life. Your moments matter and if you’re going to matter in your own life, it’s important that you pay attention to your moments. What we know, from our five years doing the Monday Morning…

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taking care of yourself

What Does It Mean to Take Care of Myself?

As you know, we have a lot invested in you taking good care of yourself because we know that you are your instrument. If you’re not taking good care of yourself, you’ll be more tired, less creative, more reactive, and less resilient in the face of all that’s coming at you. That said, you may be asking, What does it really mean to take care of myself? Followed by all the ways your life and the world is pressing you…

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too exhausted to work

From Exhausted to Engaged

Whether you’re leading a multinational organization or a family of 4, if you’re going to be a successful leader you need to take care of your health, get enough rest, move your body, and stay connected with people you care about. Yet, even with that knowledge, we all have those times when we hit the wall. It may be that you were traveling across multiple time zones, had several evening meetings in a row, or had a young one up…

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I’m A Mess!

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had a number of brilliant leaders start our meetings by saying some version of “I’m a mess!” They then go on to describe a range of experiences—both professional and personal—that they can’t resolve easily. They recount a range of pain points from long-held challenges in a family business, to a change in direction from the Board of Directors, to a shift in the market, to a diagnosis of a frightening illness, to the…

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Manage Vacation Stress

We are always reminding our clients that stepping into your power and claiming the leader in you requires taking good care of yourself—psychologically, emotionally, intellectually, relationally, and physically. As we enter into the prime vacation months, we encourage you to think about how you can make the most of your vacation. Over the years, many of our clients have described going on vacation only to feel they needed to come back and get a vacation from their vacation. They describe…

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is NOT a Luxury

Last week we talked about the power of distractions to derail you as you try to move forward in your day and your life.  One of the things we mentioned as important in combatting the impact of distractions was sleep.  We know we bug you about this stuff with some regularity and we don’t want to be a broken record but there is some new data on the importance of sleep that is critical to understand if you are committed…

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Help, I Can’t Keep Up: Self-Management

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing the challenges of staying focused on your purpose and vision, taking action on your priorities, and keeping what matters to you more central to your decisions.  Two weeks ago we gave you tips for getting control over the demands that email makes on your time and energy, and last week we discussed how often people say “yes” to a commitment before thinking through the implications of that yes.   Both of…

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Fuel Thyself

We know that you know this but … for you to be your best you need to be properly fueled.  Life is generally better if you have taken the time to fuel yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Many of us are more thoughtful about how we fuel our cars than we are about how we fuel ourselves.  Working with people who strive to be high performers, we see over and over again, how critical it is to pay attention to…

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