Emotional Intelligence

In the NY Times last week, there was an article that included Daniel Goleman’s list of the 4 traits that he believes are essential to Emotional Intelligence. They included: Self-Awareness Realistic self-confidence: You understand your own strengths and limitations; you operate from competence and know when to rely on someone else on the team. Emotional insight: You understand your feelings. Being aware of what makes you angry, for instance, can help you manage that anger. Self-Management Resilience: You stay calm…

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What You Can Do As A Boss

We are just thrilled by the response to our Career Leadership series. Thank you for your kind words and great questions. This past week, an executive with a team of about 8 direct reports asked us how he could support the career leadership of the people working for him. He described his dilemma as this—“I really want to support my team in their career leadership, even if they may want to leave the company, while also ensuring that they continue…

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It’s Not Too Late To Have A Great Career

Thank you for your wonderful response to last week’s post, Thinking Differently About Your Career, and Jill’s free video series. As our Director of Career Services, Jill is leading the charge to support you as you step into leading your career – wherever you are in the process. It’s important to understand that career leadership is not only about jobs that you take for pay; it’s about all your work. It’s about all of the work that brings you meaning…

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Motivation and Drive

We were recently talking with a gifted leader who has done incredible work with his organization’s leaders using the concepts from Daniel Pink’s 2011 book Drive. It’s a great book and it’s summarized in a very engaging YouTube video that we would encourage you to watch. It takes about 10 minutes and yet it hits all the highlights of this counter-intuitive and thought-provoking book about motivation. The short version is this: Despite our cultural belief that people work for money,…

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Humans like to win. Most of us experience a sense of joy or even elation when we feel we are winning (or when we are part of a winning team) and a sense of grief and sorrow when we lose (just ask those of us who are Seahawks fans). The research shows that when we are winning, we feel better about our lives in general. Winners are able to overcome obstacles easier and are less likely to give up when…

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Building Confidence

We’ve been talking about Personal Agility and at Carpenter Smith Consulting, we define personal agility as: the ability to respond quickly and nimbly to the disappointment or obstacle you face by pausing to stay emotionally present (to yourself and others) and then taking action on your own behalf or on behalf of those you care about. Confidence is at the center of agility because you have to believe that you have the power and the ability to respond to the…

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Being Asked to Do Something Outside Your Wheelhouse

A couple of weeks ago we wrote a post on Personal Agility and a lot of you wrote back with specific questions about how to develop your personal agility in various situations. Last Monday, we wrote about how to handle critical feedback or a vote of no confidence from your team. This week we want to address what you can do when someone with authority asks you to take on something outside of your skill set. For some people, being…

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What To Do When You Get A Vote of ‘No Confidence’ from Your Team

Since our last post, we have heard from a number of you that you loved the post on Personal Agility and have been struggling to become more agile in your life and work. Over the next few weeks, we are going to address some of the areas you identified as challenging. Personal agility requires the ability to learn and to lead – to influence your world and be influenced by your world. For many of you, a central part of…

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Your Holiday Leadership

For the past couple of weeks, our clients have come to meetings looking a little worse for wear. They are running hard at work—where many are at fiscal year end—while also trying to prepare for the holidays. They are attending the plays and shows that their kids are in, going to office and personal holiday parties, participating in religious services or activities, and trying to figure out great gifts for hard-to-buy-for family members. Many report that they both love and…

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Delegating Well Isn’t Micromanaging

We heard from several of you over the past two weeks that you were concerned that if you use our 3 steps to delegate effectively, it would be experienced by others as micromanaging. Delegation, as we described a couple of weeks ago, is about providing Context, Content, and Connection so that the individual who is assigned the activity can organize their thinking and their tactics to accomplish the delegated task. When you provide the three ‘C’s of delegation, you are…

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