possibility mindset

Overcome Obstacles with Ownership and Transparency

Last week we began a 5-week series on how to ACT with POWER, the third step in the Leader in You Framework (download our overview of this framework here).   Within our ACT with POWER framework, there are 5 critical actions that powerful leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives.   In last week’s post, we focused on how to overcome your obstacles with the P of the acronym POWER – which stands for Possibility Mindset. What we’ve…

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Overcome Your Obstacles

We’ve had several conversations recently with both clients and friends who were feeling stuck because a situation that was supposed to go one way, had taken a turn and was going another way. They had run into an obstacle. To support them on their journey, we shared with them the three steps of leadership (from our Leader in You framework), specifically ACT with POWER.   As you may recall, the first step is to PAUSE and ask yourself if what you’re about…

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