Last week we began a 5-week series on how to ACT with POWER, the third step in the Leader in You Framework (download our overview of this framework here).
Within our ACT with POWER framework, there are 5 critical actions that powerful leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives.
In last week’s post, we focused on how to overcome your obstacles with the P of the acronym POWER – which stands for Possibility Mindset.

What we’ve seen over and over again is that the most successful leaders are always looking for the possibilities inherent in the obstacles and challenges they face.

There are always obstacles and challenges when you’re leading to a new future.

Today we want to talk about the O, of the acronym POWER, which stands for Ownership & Transparency.
As a leader, once you’ve shifted into a Possibility Mindset, you’ll see ways to move toward success. Then you’ll need to Own your role in moving your team forward and be Transparent about why this effort is important to you.

People follow people.
When a leader takes ownership and shares why the effort or success matters to them, it invites their teams to do the same . . . then the magic happens!

Often, when we talk about ownership in leadership, people assume it means being bossy and telling everyone what to do. But ownership in leadership is really about being responsible and accountable for your role in creating success and inviting your team to own it as well. 

Ownership + Transparency

The addition of being transparent about why this matters to you, personally and professionally, inspires hope and purpose.
You could say something like, “This company matters to me and if we can turn this around, we’ll make a difference for the company and for the people, who I hope will work here long into the future.”  
It’s about openly and passionately letting others know why the project, initiative, or company itself is important to you, why creating success matters, and what they need to know to succeed.
Think of the difference between being told that you should or must do something as opposed to being invited into a compelling understanding of why this is important to both the person who is leading the effort and to you as a team member.

The best leaders are transparent about their passion for success and invite ownership and transparency from the people they’re leading.

This week take some time to think about whether you’ve created ownership for the projects you’re working on and whether you’ve been transparent about why success matters to you.
Whether you’re a CEO, a manager, or a parent – letting the people you’re leading know that you own your role in creating a great outcome and what inspires you to do so, will invite alignment and action.
Next week, we’ll talk about the 3rd step in the ACT with POWER framework which is W = We-Focused Goal Setting.
Let us know if you have any questions. We’re here for you!
– Linda, Stephanie, and Heather

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