change your self-talk

Make A Small Change in How You Talk to Yourself

  We want you to matter in your own life. Period. If you can create a purpose-filled, rich, and satisfying life then everyone and everything you touch will be better for it. Your energy, mood, creativity, and openness are enhanced when you see yourself as valuable and worthwhile. That same energy, mood, creativity, and openness matter to the people you live with, work with, or even bump into on the street. These are challenging times in our world and our…

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The Bones of Meetings

Last week, we started the conversation about meetings with our post, Meeting Madness. In it, we outlined the roles and rules that help to create great meetings. But no discussion of meetings would be complete without reviewing the importance of creating and using an agenda.  An agenda is to a meeting like our skeleton is to our body: it provides the internal structure that allows the meeting to successfully come to life.  Research on meetings has shown that whatever the group…

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Meeting Madness

“I cannot get my work done because all of my days are spent in *^#@ meetings!”   Sound familiar? Meetings are supposed to be a means to success, but most people in organizations describe meetings as a time-suck that actually prevent them from getting their work done.   We’d like to suggest that at the beginning of each year, you take time to inventory your meetings to decide if they are adding value and contributing to your success… and if they…

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