Last week, we talked about layoffs, and that the uncertainty of it all can make it difficult to show up at your best.

In that post, we provided you with some suggestions for how you can lean in to care for yourself and those you lead.

Today, we’re sharing some thoughts about navigating the post-layoff.

If you’ve been laid off, you may find yourself wanting the feeling of trauma and disorientation to go away. It’s painful, uncomfortable, and demoralizing. And, it takes time and intentional focus to heal and move on.

We want to support you with some suggestions that can help you move forward.

  1. PAUSE. Take a moment to breathe and honor that this has been rocking. This is not only a change to your income but also your schedule and some of the people you regularly connect with.
  2. Allow yourself to have your emotions AND don’t let them overwhelm you. Consider talking with a trusted friend or family member, clergy member, therapist, or coach as you grieve and find your way to what is next.
  3. Find a person who can be a mirror to you to remind you that you’re a capable and successful person. Understanding your worth through other people’s eyes is truly inspiring.
  4. Keep moving forward – even if it’s just one small step.
  5. Use this time to reconnect with:
    • your Life Priorities
    • the skills you love to offer
    • the environment in which you thrive.
  6. Have conversations with everyone you know saying something like, “I’m looking for an opportunity to bring these XYZ skills to an organization.”

Remember, it’s important to be gentle with yourself if you’re struggling to move on. If you were talking to a dear friend, you wouldn’t say, “Just get over it!” You’d likely say, “I believe in you.” or “You can do this!”

Whether you’re out of work because you needed to do so for your mental or physical health or you’ve been let go (for whatever reason) . . . it’s a difficult space to be in. AND, we know that hiring a career coach can be challenging on a tight budget.

We’ve been putting together some options for just this reason because we love what we do and want to support people in finding work that fits with their needs.

Please contact us today if you’re interested in learning about:

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Treat yourself like you matter . . . because you do!

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