It’s December 25th, defined as Christmas Day by much of the world. Some celebrate the religious meaning of Christmas, others celebrate family and friends, and some just think of the day as the 25th of December with no meaning attached.

Whatever your relationship with December 25th, we wanted to take this opportunity to get you thinking about the gifts you bring to the world.

You have your own unique gifts – the ways you love, lead, provide, support, enlighten, build, nurture, inspire, create, solve, laugh, help, invite – the list goes on and on.

You may offer your gifts to people, to communities or with other species of our planet; you may share your gifts with the world by building something, writing things, thinking in new and creative ways; or you may bring your gifts through your silence and presence.

Take a few minutes today to consider the gifts you offer. Write them down somewhere so that you can see them regularly.

It’s important to remember that you dazzle the world with your gifts.

When you share your gifts with others, everyone wins.

Dazzle on!

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