One of the things we’re hearing from friends, colleagues, and clients is that the pace of life has accelerated to the point where it’s hard to catch a breath. This is especially true now with all the changes that come from working remotely or working with a reduced staff due to COVID-19.

Recently, after just one such day, when Linda was late in getting some things done for the business, she said to the team,

“I’m so sorry, there were
A LOT of days in this morning!”

We all laughed because while the sentence didn’t make sense…we knew exactly what she meant.

So today, we’re talking about the pace of life and work, and some of the ways you can slightly shift your days to be more present to all of your moments — especially when life gets hectic.

  • Pause and ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing in alignment with my highest priority goals?
    • There’s a lot to be done in any day, but not all that needs to be done is a priority.
    • We often get caught doing those things we’re most comfortable getting done, or have a habit of getting done, without stopping to consider the things that are our highest priority.
  • Now, of course, this means you need to have a sense of what your highest priorities are, which may require another pause to explore the question, “What three things do I want to get traction on because they’ll contribute significantly to my life, success, and happiness?”
    • Getting traction isn’t always about external movement. For many leaders, getting traction requires taking time to think about the business, an innovative response to key challenges, or a plan for some unique opportunities.
    • Other times getting traction may mean reconnecting in your relationships during a busy time at work.
    • Knowing your priorities will guide how you spend your moments.
  • Spend some time thinking about and feeling the feelings of something that makes you happy, proud, expansive, or deeply connected.
    • Expanding the time that you feel the good things in your life will support you being present to your moments and making them good ones.

This week, pay attention to “how many days are in your mornings”, and explore ways to be present and awake in your moments.

We’re here if you need our support.