We’ve recently been talking about the importance of Mattering in your own life and in demonstrating to others that they matter to you. So far, we’ve covered:

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that mattering isn’t just important to ourselves and to those we work with. Mattering is important in all aspects of our lives.

Today, we’re providing you a few more ways to use the mattering matrix in your life:

  • Your Career
  • Your Hiring
  • Your Relationships

You may have been considering your own career, as we were reviewing the Leadership Mattering Matrix, these past couple of weeks. To assist you in diving in a bit deeper, we encourage you to look at the matrix below and answer these questions:

  • Does my company (manager, peers, employees) demonstrate that they VALUE my skills and contributions?
  • Does my company (manager, peers, employees) demonstrate that they genuinely CARE about me?

As you interview potential candidates, use the matrix below to help you answer these questions:

  • Do I VALUE how their unique skills and abilities will contribute to their role and possible future roles?
  • Do I CARE about them as a person and believe I would grow in that caring if they joined the team?

Demonstrating CARE and VALUE can also be a winning combination in your other relationships. Review the Relationship Matrix below as you answer these questions:

  • Do I feel CARED for and/or VALUED? If not, what would it look like to name what’s lacking and let them know what I need?
  • Do I demonstrate to them that I CARE for and/or VALUE them? If not, how might I connect in different and more meaningful ways?

Take some time this week to look at your important personal and professional relationships (including your relationship to yourself) through the lens of the Mattering Matrix. Consider whether you’re feeling like you matter and are demonstrating to others that they matter.

When you matter to yourself,
you’ll feel successful and satisfied,
and have more to give
to the people and companies you love.

When employees, colleagues, and loved ones
believe they matter to you,
they’ll lean in to help you in
creating success.

If you’d like to review all of our Mattering Matters content in one place, you’re in luck! We’ve  created a PDF for you that you can download below.

In what ways have you mattered to yourself and demonstrated to others that they matter to you? We’d love to know!

If you’d like to learn more
about Mattering
personally or professionally,
contact us today.