We’ve recently been talking about our PAUSE framework, and the various ways you can use it Anytime, as well as for Important Conversations.

We’ve also discussed the importance of planning to PAUSE. It’s a great way to introduce it into your world, and to remember to use it. You can use our PAUSE framework to help you with your planning.

Today, we’re sharing some ways you can set yourself up for success by putting a “system” in place that will work for you. Here are some top suggestions we’ve gathered over the years.

PAUSE: Set Yourself up for Success

  • Create electronic reminders to Pause at certain times of the day. Play with the titles you use to increase the likelihood that you’ll pay attention to them.
    • Use the reminder app on your phone
    • Create computer calendar reminders or tasks
  • Setup regular check-ins with an accountability buddy to chat about how you’ve been able to interrupt your reactivity by pausing. You can also use these check-ins to chat about how you intend to use the pause in the upcoming days.
    • Ask a trusted friend or colleague for weekly meetups or daily calls/texts
    • Invite team members at work to join you for a weekly 30 minute huddle (this could be a great type of connection meeting!)
  • Write yourself reminder notes and leave them around your house, in the car, in a notebook or tablet, and/or at your office. Again, play with the titles so that the language is something that will resonate with you. Consider something like,
    • PAUSE!
    • Hey, <insert your name>, have you paused today?
    • Pause and breathe.
    • Today, I will Pause and remember my goal of …
    • Great job pausing!
    • What are your PAUSE intentions for today?

We’ve heard from some clients who say something like, “I’ve always been this way and don’t think I can change. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

And, we’ve heard other clients say something like, “Oh my gosh! I’ve been practicing the PAUSE and it’s amazing how differently I’ve been showing up, interacting in meetings, and creating deeper relationships with my colleagues. This stuff really works!

We tend to agree with the latter because we’ve seen it work! While it’s a simple framework, it’s not always easy. Like any other muscle, it takes practice and consistency to learn new things.

After looking over some of the ideas we shared, think about what setting yourself up for success would look like for you.

Let us know what you try!

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