Today we are delighted to have Linda speak to you directly about an important milestone in her life:

Today, June 28, 2021, is my birthday. I am 66 years old.

For most of my life, when I heard that someone was 66, I thought they were old. Yet here I am, 66, and I don’t feel old. I do feel clearer about who I am and what I value.

Yes, I am creakier and achier, I get weary more quickly but, I still have a ton of energy, and I do know, more and more, what I want to offer to the world and how that fits with my values and priorities.

I also know that there are limited days left in this life of mine.

Friends say . . . “oh, come on, you’re so healthy!” And, I am, yet just yesterday we heard that 4 weeks ago a friend had gone to see her doctor about heartburn and discovered she has gallbladder cancer. It had metastasized throughout her body. She died yesterday. The day before she went to the doctor, she, too, was healthy.

So, while I am healthy, I know that doesn’t guarantee anything. And, at 66, I know that it may be more true at my age but in fact, it’s true at any age.

Knowing our values, our life’s priorities,
and those things we really love doing
in the world, matters.

It matters at 66, yes, but it matters because life is what it is and with 600,000 people dead from a virus we didn’t even know existed two years ago, we must grab the wonders of this life throughout our life.

Today, June 28, 2021, on my birthday, I’d like to offer you support to be present to your life and your future. Explore what you value, your life’s priorities, and what you love doing. Three things that have been powerfully supportive to me as I consider, not retirement, but refinement.

If you are older and considering retirement,
I’d suggest thinking about it as refinement.
There is still much of life to live.

If you are younger, start this exploration now and continue it every year or two so you live your life with your values and life’s priorities while doing more of the things you love.

Refinement is powerful at any age.

Let us know what refinement looks like for you!

How can we support you?

If you’d like support in identifying your values and priorities, contact us today.

We’d love to help.