Did you know that there are seven different types of rest? In a recent article on the Calm website, we were reminded of them. They are:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Sensory
  • Creative
  • Social
  • Spiritual

We regularly discuss the importance of rest with our clients, in our workshops, and in our posts, like the Burnout Nuggets series from last year.

Today, we’d like to focus a bit more on the idea of rest and how you might determine what kind you need in your life. As we’ve mentioned in many posts, it can be powerful to get into the habit of reflecting and checking in with yourself regularly.

So, we recommend reflecting and asking yourself something like,

“What do I need today to refuel myself?”

If you find you’re having troubling answering this, you could get more specific and consider asking one or more of the questions below.

  • PhysicalAm I getting the right amount of sleep, relaxation, mobility, or restoration for my body?
  • MentalAm I taking enough breaks from decision-making and letting my mind wander?
  • EmotionalAm I expressing myself in a way that shows compassion for myself and for the other person?
  • SensoryAm I taking time away from electronics, loud places, or other types of stimulation?
  • CreativeAm I finding ways to be inspired by things like nature, music, or hobbies?
  • SocialAm I surrounding myself with supportive and fulfilling relationships? And, am I embracing alone time when needed?
  • SpiritualAm I seeking out ways to connect with my personal sense of meaning and purpose with things like meditation, spiritual groups, or prayer?

Consider creating a regular habit of self-reflection with one or more of the above questions. Learning how to take care of yourself is critical so you can live with energy, success, and satisfaction.

Rest up! The world needs you.

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