This week, in our post The Power of Humility, we shared with you a section of an incredible article by Karl Albrecht, PhD., The Paradoxical Power of Humility. Today, we’d like to share some resources so that you can explore and grow in understanding the power of humility.
Dr. Albrecht discusses humility in a way that we have never seen so eloquently described:

“Humility is about emotional neutrality.
It involves an experience of growth in which
you no longer need to put yourself above others,
but you don’t put yourself below them, either.
Everyone is your peer.
A well-developed sense of humility
shines through in your behavior toward others.
They feel affirmed, appreciated, encouraged,
validated, and psychically nourished.
Most of us are powerfully drawn
to people who treat us that way,
like bees to flowers.”
To support you in understanding the power of humility, we’d like to suggest the following resources in addition to Dr. Albrecht’s article:
Let us know if you find any other resources that explore the power of humility.
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