We’re continuing to hear about high levels of stress, overwhelm, and burnout in our clients. To support them and you, we wanted to remind you of some simple steps you can take to get more space and joy in your days.
To keep these suggestions in bite-sized nuggets, we’re splitting them into 3 weeks:

  • The Power of Breathing (today!)
  • The Power of Boundaries
  • The Power of Belly Laughs 

There continue to be studies that show that the simple act of mindful breathing has multiple positive effects such as:

  • reducing our stress and anxiety
  • slowing our heart rate and lowering blood pressure
  • getting more oxygen to our brain to help us think
  • signaling to our brain that things are okay

A recent article by Marlynn Wei, MD, JD, in Psychology Today, discusses the positive impact that just 5 minutes of daily mindful breathing can have on our stress levels. Below is a quote from the article that we feel is a helpful reminder that there are both short and long term benefits from mindful breathing.

Breath exercises help both in the moment when one is facing stressful situations and also, perhaps even more importantly, as a preventative tool. When one practices breath exercises regularly, even when one is not feeling stressed, this develops the ability to deal with stress better in the future.

Think of breath exercises and practicing mindfulness like working out a muscle. The habit of practicing breath awareness daily builds one’s capacity to handle stress. Practice builds one’s reservoir.

Over time, slow breathing will provide a clear path and immediate access to the physical “relaxation response” for the body and mind.

In our society, we tend to wear “busy” as a badge, and all too often, we push numbly through the anxiety, pain, and stressors of life. In doing so, we can miss or discount, the messages that our physical, spiritual, and emotional selves are trying to tell us.

This week, see if you can work in just 5 minutes of mindful breathing each day and see what you find. Click here to read some great suggestions from Marlynn Wei.

By allowing yourself a few minutes
of mindful breathing each day,
you start to train your body
to react less severely to stress.

We’re here if you need us.

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