In our recent post Asking for a Promotion, we talked about some steps to take to prepare yourself before asking for a promotion. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about what to do if you get the promotion.

When you’re ready to move to the next level of responsibility and authority, you may become very focused on getting the job while thinking very little about how you’ll successfully make the transition into that new role. And, the transition is key!

No matter how much you believe you can do the new job, if you aren’t thoughtful about the transition into the role you may undermine your credibility and, frankly, piss people off—the very same people you need to work closely with to succeed.

We’ve all had the experience of someone we’ve known and worked with getting a promotion and coming into the role with a swagger trying to prove they deserved the promotion.

They come in talking about what I’m going to do now, when—actually—to succeed, they need to enter with

  • gratitude for the opportunity
  • curiosity about the people they will be leading
  • respect for what’s been done historically

—even if they believe that, ultimately, some changes should be made.

So today, we’re going to consider
what it looks like to express gratitude for
the opportunity to help the team create success.

You’ve gotten the promotion, which means you’ve been hired to take the role or team to the next level.

  • As you start to meet with the individuals and your team, let them know that you’re excited and grateful to be working closely with them as individuals and as a team.
  • Convey that you trust that together you can set a course that will continue their current success, add to their impact, work toward getting the resources needed to succeed, and make the department a great place to work.
  • Frame the conversation in the “we” rather than “I” to engage them in being a solution on behalf of the department and organization.

Even if this has been a relatively low-functioning team, sharing your gratitude for them and their work will invite them to work with you to create success. Some will show up with higher energy and engagement because you’re painting a picture of a future where, together, “we” can succeed.

As you enter the new role, demonstrate that you’re grateful to be in the position to support and contribute to their success, and that you will be working with them to achieve it, not positioning yourself to be a sole shining star.

Wishing you success!

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