You WILL Fail. Those were the first words out of a friend’s mouth when, in 2011, we said we were going to create and send out a nugget of our best thinking every Monday morning for a year. For a brief moment we actually wondered, what could we possibly find to say every week for a whole year? Apparently, a lot!

Thanks to your support, we’ve delivered 7 years
of weekly coaching nuggets!

Today marks the 7th Anniversary of the Monday Morning Business Coach! In those 7 years that you’ve worked with us as your coaches, you’ve invited us in to support you in changing your corporate culture, you’ve had us teach our leadership model to your leaders and your teams, you’ve used us to facilitate difficult conversations to solve business problems, you’ve had us put together organizational partnerships, create powerful and effective teams, you’ve worked with us to develop strategies for a successful career, and you’ve trusted us with your hopes, fears, and questions.
Thank you for your confidence and trust in us as we support you in navigating the intersection between business and psychology . . . that messy place that can make the difference between success and failure, alignment and commitment to a vision; and success, satisfaction, and sustainability in the workplace.

This week’s nugget of coaching is based on what we’ve learned in writing 7 years of coaching nuggets.

Take small steps consistently over time in the direction of your goal.

When you take small steps consistently over time, you’re actively choosing what you will do, and you do that until you choose to do something else. This doesn’t mean that you never change your mind about a goal. With new information and changing environments, you may, in fact revise and fine-tune your decisions.  
But you make the change deliberately. You see, there’s nothing more erosive than choosing to do something and then just letting it fade away. When you do that you lose confidence in yourself and those around you lose confidence in you as well.
Over the past 7 years, there were many weeks when we were tired, busy, traveling and tempted to “just skip a week”. So, each time we started to suggest that we “just skip this week,” we asked ourselves, “Are we ready to let the Monday Morning Business Coach go?” 
Each time we decided that the Monday Morning Business Coach was still the best way to share our thinking and most successful strategies and tools with you, our community, to support your growth and continued success. 
Thank you for allowing us to be your trusted allies.

If you should need an ally,
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