Are you in your Dream Career? Are you satisfied with your current role or should you consider making a move?

It’s never the wrong time to evaluate your career
and to think about whether or not you’re doing work
that you love in an environment where you thrive. 

Do a quick scan of your work life using the prompts below, and ask yourself, “Would I apply for (and be thrilled to be offered) the job I currently occupy?”

If the answer is yes: Congratulations! You’re in the right place.

  • Be sure to ask yourself this question regularly so that the job continues to be one that you enjoy and value.
  • And, at this time when you’re happy, we strongly recommend you update your resume so it reflects those things that led you to answer “yes”—those things that truly bring you joy in your work.

If the answer is no, then it’s time to consider how to move toward work that will bring a “yes.”

Which of the following statements are true for you? If you’d like to use this as a checklist, click here for a printable PDF version.

  • Work is more than a paycheck.
  • Work is bringing meaning to my life.
  • Work inspires me and offers me an opportunity to feel valued for my contributions.
  • I’m proud and satisfied when I talk about my work to others.
  • I have a resume that accurately represents who I really am.
  • I lead with the skills that I want to use in a job—the skills I want to offer the world. (Be careful not to list the skills you can do but have no desire to do; remember, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.)
  • I stay connected to people who support me in my work.
  • As part of this connection, I ask about their lives and work, honoring the relationship before talking about myself.
  • I show my energy and enthusiasm as I talk to people about my skills and passions.
  • I don’t get caught by job titles but talk instead about the ways I can be a solution to my organization.

Listen to yourself and check in regularly. No one has a perfect work life but you can move closer to work that’s engaging, inspiring, and impactful if you pause from time to time to reflect on what matters to you.

Make this year great by taking time to reflect on what your Dream Career looks like!

Feeling stuck? Not sure what steps to take to move forward with a career change? We can help! Contact us today about Career Coaching.


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