Benefits, Concerns & Suggestions

The process of shifting a team to engage them fully in solving a problem, looking for opportunities, or challenging the cultural norms takes practice but can be successfully started using a simple discussion framework that we call Benefits, Concerns & Suggestions.  The Benefits / Concerns / Suggestions framework is an easy to use discussion process that will shift the way your team works.  To use the framework, take the following steps: Select an issue, project or topic that you know…

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But . . . How Do I Get My Team to Participate in Meetings?

Last week we wrote a post entitled, Stop Talking! Now, Communicate and we received many responses from leaders who were having success connecting in new and much deeper ways with the people in their organizations as they stopped talking and started listening.  Through listening, they were beginning to see a level of engagement and commitment to solving organizational problems that they had not realized was “out there.” We also received quite a number of inquiries asking us how to get…

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