An Attitude of Gratitude

In our work, we see that people are running faster than ever before.  Work has gotten busier and busier: there are fewer resources and people to do the work, money has gotten tighter, the stakes are higher, and the speed required for thinking and delivery keeps accelerating. As one client recently said “I am running as fast as I can and the finish line keeps getting farther and farther away.” We know that with all of this effort you will…

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Help, I Can’t Keep Up: Self-Management

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing the challenges of staying focused on your purpose and vision, taking action on your priorities, and keeping what matters to you more central to your decisions.  Two weeks ago we gave you tips for getting control over the demands that email makes on your time and energy, and last week we discussed how often people say “yes” to a commitment before thinking through the implications of that yes.   Both of…

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Time to Grieve, Time to Heal

There comes a time in each of our lives when we are faced with painful, life-changing events over which we have no control.  Whether it’s a big event or a small event, it will require two things of us: time to grieve and time to heal.   The life-changing events we speak of here don’t have to be catastrophic in nature.  Life-changing events can include: being passed over for a promotion, not winning an RFP, working for someone who is…

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Here we are once more, on the brink of a New Year.  We are entering this New Year having just experienced a heart-breaking end to the old.  And yet, we would encourage you to look forward with commitment to growing in your ability to love and be connected – to yourself and your sense of purpose, to your family and their success, and to your world and its commitment to caring for all people.   In George Valliant’s new book,…

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Whatever is Happening in Your World Needs Your Attention

There was an advertisement on the radio recently and they opened by saying,   “No matter what’s happening in the world, your world is still happening.”   We don’t remember what they were trying to sell but we did think that the statement captured an important nugget of truth.   Often, as we work with leaders, of all walks of life, they will say things that diminish the importance of their stress, their pace, their health, in short, their lives. …

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Shifting Perspective

People often seek executive coaching when they are stuck in a particular way of doing something or thinking about something that no longer works for them.  They are, as it were, seeing the world from a perspective that isn’t moving them forward or connecting them with others in ways that they believe is best.    We recently met with a VP of IT who described being irritable, angry and short with family and colleagues.  He was focused on all that…

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Fuel Thyself

We know that you know this but … for you to be your best you need to be properly fueled.  Life is generally better if you have taken the time to fuel yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Many of us are more thoughtful about how we fuel our cars than we are about how we fuel ourselves.  Working with people who strive to be high performers, we see over and over again, how critical it is to pay attention to…

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Wake Up to Your Passion, Your Power, Your Life

Good Morning.  It is time to wake up, not just to your day, but also to your passion, your power, and your life.   Many of us walk around tired, stressed-out, and numbed to our moments.  We are running as fast as we can, taking care of family, work and friends, and barely taking a breath. This week’s assignment is to carve 5 – 15 minutes out of each day, and do something that will wake you up and make your…

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Resting can move you forward

We have been talking to you these past weeks about how to move forward with power and impact as you look for a job or consider creating greater satisfaction in your current work.  We even suggested that you consciously and thoughtfully take advantage of the holiday gatherings to meet new people, connect with people you have known and build alliances that can support your efforts. Today we are going to suggest you rest.  (For most of us, today is the…

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