This week, we talked about The Complexity That Is You and encouraged you to do an exercise where you wrote down 20 descriptive words reflecting who you are. This exercise is a helpful reminder that we are all complex and multi-layered humans. 

We’re not one-dimensional.
We’re all complex beings with multiple layers
that make up who we are.

Today, we’re sharing another simple, but powerful, exercise to get you thinking in more detail about who you are and how you define yourself in your life and work. 

We’d like you to create a visual of who you are.

What!?! You want me to create a visual?  

Yes, a visual.

We all get comfortable in how we describe ourselves and how we show up with others. So today, we’re encouraging you to use a new and different lens to see yourself – an artistic mirror. We’re not asking for perfection here so please try to have fun with it!   Some of you may decide to draw a literal self-portrait, others may choose a mix of words, maps, pictures, and colors . . . even graphs.  

Feel free to get out the crayons, markers, or colored pencils and get creative. You can use a piece of copy paper or go for a poster board – whatever is easier or more inspiring. Then consider how you would represent the following areas of yourself – either as a whole image or different depictions of each area.

  • Your Head
  • Your Heart
  • Your Spirit
  • Your Instinct/Gut                    
  • Your Health
  • Your Work
  • Your Relaxation
  • Your Past
  • Your Future 

We’d love to see what you create as you reflect on the pieces that make up you.