If you’ve been with us for any length of time, you’ll know that we’ve written about the power of gratitude quite a few times. It can have a whole host of positive effects on both our mental and physical wellness. Gratitude for the win!

An article by the Mayo Clinic, last year, says,

“Expressing gratitude is associated
with a host of
mental and physical benefits.

Studies have shown that feeling thankful can
improve sleep, mood, and immunity.

Gratitude can decrease depression, anxiety,
difficulties with chronic pain
and risk of disease.

If a pill could do this,
everyone would be taking it.”

We couldn’t agree more! In addition to the above list from the Mayo Clinic, we’ve seen firsthand that creating a regular practice of gratitude can also help with things like burnout, grief, loneliness, work challenges, and relationship issues.

If you want to magnify the positive effects of gratitude, consider sharing a daily practice with a colleague, loved one, or even your team at work.

Unsure how to get started? Here are some suggestions:

  • Your Practice
    • each morning/evening write down one thing you’re grateful for
    • tell one person each day why you’re grateful for them
    • meet regularly with one or more people and share your gratitudes
  • Your Gratitude
    • everyday things that maybe you take for granted like your home, health, food, water, work, etc
    • people in your life like colleagues, family, friends, servers, practitioners, etc
    • your talents and skills that you have the chance to use at work or in your personal life

If you feel like you’d benefit from some accountability in setting up a gratitude practice, consider signing up for the Mayo Clinic’s free Discover Gratitude program.

We know that practicing gratitude can be challenging when life is hard, but your health and well-being are so important, and practicing gratitude is good for both.

This week, Pause, take a breath, and consider what or who you have in your life to be thankful for.

Let us know what you identify!

If you’d like support
creating a practice of gratitude
contact us today.