As executive coaches, we often work with clients who are getting ready to take a new job and yet need to stay engaged and effective until they formally leave their position.

Being able to stay engaged is really important not only to your self-esteem and your colleagues’ last impressions of you but also to your reputation – so it’s important that you do it well.

So, what can you do to stay engaged when you know you’re moving on?

  • Put a reminder on your calendar, your mirror, your watch . . . somewhere that you’ll see it every morning that simply says, “Show up today as if you were staying – you still have a lot to give!”
  • Talk to your boss and your team (even if they don’t yet know that you’re leaving) and ask them how they’d like you to focus your efforts in the upcoming weeks.
    • If they don’t know you’re leaving, you can simply say that you have a lot on your plate and want to be certain you’re contributing at your best.
    • If they know you’re leaving, they will love you for this opportunity to get the best of you while you’re still around.
  • If people tell you that they’re sad you’re leaving, let them know that you’re sad to be leaving and ask if there’s anything you can do for them before you depart. If you can do it great, if not let them know gently.
  • If people take pot shots at you for leaving, let them know you realize that transitions are hard and you’ll do what you can to limit the disruption in the wake of your leaving.
  • Take care of yourself during this time, being extra careful to eat well, move throughout the day, and get a good night’s sleep. It’s stressful to be in transition. – to be ready to go forward but have to remain in place for a bit longer. Give yourself an extra bit of TLC.

It’s exciting to be moving forward and important to finish one opportunity well before you begin the next. Do your best, give yourself a break when you catch yourself acting ‘done’ before you’re finished, and then put a reminder on your calendar, your mirror, your watch….

We’re here if you need us,
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If you’re considering a move to a new job let us know. Our executive coaches are here to support in staying engaged even while you’re leaving.