Two weeks ago, we reviewed a framework that we’ve developed about the Power of Being Seen called the Mattering Matrix. Last week, we reflected on a powerful quote by Martin Luther King Jr. about the power of love to drive out hate.
For us, these two posts hang together. If we cannot genuinely see ourselves and our unique needs, gifts, and talents, and see others for their unique needs, gifts, and talents, we’ll never be able to create a world where black lives matter, equity is a norm, and opportunities are available for all of us.
As we mentioned previously, we’ve found that leaders understand theoretically that mattering matters, but they don’t really understand how to behave in ways that communicate this consistently over time.
We created the Mattering Matrix framework a couple of years ago to help leaders understand how to demonstrate to the people they work with that they matter.
Our Mattering Matrix is one tool for leaders and managers in organizations that value respect, psychological safety, and equity. It can support efforts to change systemic and institutional bias because it’s a way to understand and work with the power of genuinely seeing people and being seen by others.
Today, we want to talk about the importance of seeing yourself and mattering to yourself.
To do this, you need to value your unique gifts and talents and care about and for yourself. For so many people that feels selfish; yet, if you cannot breathe, you can offer nothing to the world!

The intersection of valuing your contributions
and caring for yourself is critical to
managing burnout and to creating success.

Take a moment to download our worksheets here and explore if you’re demonstrating that you care about yourself and value your unique skills and talents.

Here are some questions to help you determine whether or not you’re taking care of yourself:

      • Are you ensuring you get enough sleep?
      • Are you fueling yourself properly?
      • Are you taking breaks to wander in nature, hike, run, bike, sit in a park?
      • Are you connecting with people who you enjoy and who care for you?

And, to help you consider if you’re valuing your unique gifts and talents:

      • Are you getting intellectual stimulation that’s not solely work related and lets you learn something that nurtures your soul?
      • Do you work in an environment where your unique skills and talents are woven into your days?
      • Do you have areas in your life where you can use your gifts?

We encourage you to download the pdf worksheets and reflect on ways that you can move closer to the intersection of care and value in your own life. Look at where you land on the matrix every few months to support you in staying conscious of mattering to yourself.

You’ll be more successful, satisfied, and vital 
if you matter in your own life and are
able to bring the best of yourself to your world.

Remember, taking care of and valuing yourself affords you the energy to demonstrate to others that you value and care for them.

Next week, we’ll share some ways to use this framework in your leadership so that the people in your world feel seen, feel heard, and believe that they matter to you.

If you’d like to learn how to bring this skill to your world, contact us today.