Last week, we reviewed different types of rest and reminded you of the refueling benefits of checking in with yourself regularly to see what type you need.

Today, on this 1st day of April, we thought it fitting to talk about another great way to refuel yourself (both personally and professionally) with the power of laughter.

You may remember from past posts, that there are many short and long-term benefits of laughter. Most recently, we pointed to a wonderful article about it on the Mayo Clinic website.

What would a moment or two of laughter look like in your life today? Could you:

  • Share a funny video/picture with a friend.
  • Watch your favorite comedy.
  • Read a funny book.
  • Spend time with a child.
  • Play a fun game with loved ones.
  • Watch pets play.

Did you know that in addition to the health and wellness benefits to youthere are also positive effects of incorporating laughter and humor at work?

According to a 2023 Harvard Macy Institute article, “the strategic and intentional use of laughter and humor can create joy and also increase group cohesion, reduce stress, increase leadership effectiveness, and improve communication.”

While there are many ways to incorporate laughter and humor into your team or organization, the article goes on to say that, “integration of humor must be exercised with caution and in an appropriate manner to ensure it is used at the right time and with an eye on the particular group with whom it is shared.”

We encourage you to take a look at the Harvard Macy article for some great suggestions on how to bring laughter into your workplace with things like games, laughter yoga, and comedy breaks.

Whether on your own or with your team at work, you’ll find that laughter is a wonderful stress reliever and mood booster—even during challenging and difficult times.

As always, let us know what’s worked for you.

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