If you missed our last two posts on Looking Back, we highly recommend going through them before you do this reflection exercise. We’ve created a handy pdf with all of the information in place.

Click HERE to download.

Using the same areas of your life that you used for looking back, we’d now like you to look in and create a visual that represents who you are today.

What!?! Did you say a visual?
Yes, a visual. 😃

We all get very comfortable in how we describe ourselves and how we show up with others so we’re encouraging you to use this new and different lens to see yourself more clearly and to be seen by others in new ways.

Don’t think we’re asking for perfection here. While for some it’s a literal self-portrait, for others it’s a mix of words, pictures, maps, and colors…even graphs.

We’re asking that you try to show yourself to yourself in a new way. Please…play with this…don’t aim for perfection…explore YOU!

Feel free to get out the crayons, markers, or colored pencils and get creative. Then consider how you would represent the following areas either as one whole image or different images for each area.

  1. HEAD
  2. HEART
  5. BODY
  6. WORK
  8. PAST

Feeling stuck? Consider getting together with a friend or loved one and create them at the same time. We’ve often used this process in our small groups to help each person reflect on themselves as well as get input from others about what they see.

This week, think about looking in and creating a visual that represents who you are.

Let us know what you see!

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