Recently, some of you have asked us which of our principles are the ones we personally use the most and which of those we struggle with.

Last week, Linda shared about her leadership in Linda’s Leadership. Today, you’ll hear from Stephanie, and then next week you’ll hear from Heather.

Here’s what Stephanie’s leadership looks like:


As an introverted leader and thinker, I typically use the PAUSE step of our Leader in You® model to remind myself to speak up and lean into conversations.

When I PAUSE and ask myself, “Is what I’m about to say or do in alignment with my goals?” I get clear about whether I need to put my point of view or opinion on the table.  

Sometimes, it’s very important to my goal that I’m seen and heard; and other times, frankly, it’s not. But it matters that I make that choice to show up and be a part of the conversation.

Ownership & Transparency

Where I struggle is in the second step of our ACT WITH POWER framework. The second step is all about taking ownership and sharing with others why I care about a project, process, etc., I’m not always quick to share or own why something is important to me with others, and that can lead to people not being engaged.

I tend to keep to myself and am fairly private, so opening up and being vulnerable about why something matters to me can be a challenge.

When I stall there, I know that I can loop back to the tool that works best for me. It’s the perfect opportunity to PAUSE and remind myself that if I want to get engagement from others, I need to help them understand my investment in the process

It’s pretty amazing how these frameworks can lead into one another. Our goal was to create tools that were simple and easy to implement, and I believe we’ve done just that.

We’d love to hear what tools of ours you use regularly, and those areas where you struggle. Knowing when to lean in and when to sit back is a great leadership trait, and yet can be a challenge to master.

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